Saturday, January 10, 2009


At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney... "Did you ever wonder what's
in your stuffed toy?" Well, I found out that it's not always fiberfill, after stepping on some plush pet plastic bead innards (OUCH!) that were strewn all over my hallway. I researched that these things are called polypropylene pellets or poly-pellets. Not a good thing to have around if you have curious little ones or pets who like to devour everything. Never assume that a stuffed animal is safe around a dog. Especially
if your dog is like our foster dog, Noodles -- such a non-threatening name for a big bamboolah of a dog.
He's a menacing pit bull in physical appearance but with the demeanor of Eeyore. He brings shoes/sandals/slippers to the door when you return home. And if none of those are available then watch out. Any stuffed animal, area rug, garden glove, etc. is fair game to use as a gift for his human companions. Luckily
he doesn't eat the items, he just uses them as chew toys.

Lovable galoot!

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