Monday, January 05, 2009


The first Monday of 2009... I need to get the serotonin levels up and at 'em!

I watched CBS Sunday Morning this weekend and the story about the friendship between an elephant and a dog just plain floored me. I dare you not to get emotional. The story is online at:
Steve Hartman has one of the best jobs in broadcasting!

Egads -- spam emails have been inundating my email account! Just taking a look at some of the topics is a sign of the times: Cheap Cars, Government Grants, Foreclosure Filings, Job Openings, etc. Some of the spam emails are eye-catching-- for instance the ones about becoming a Secret Shopper or an EBay millionaire or Home Worker. Yeah, it sounds intriging but ya never know about all the scams online! I fluctuate between being gullible and being a total skeptic!

The start of a new year can be full of promise and evidently it is for one of my faves--Craig Ferguson.
He got married in Vermont over the weekend (he joked on his show about wearing a kilt during a Vermont blizzard!) If I knew Scottish Gaelic I would wish Craig and his wife a very happy life together....

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