Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TWO THUMBS OUT -- Okay, maybe I'm resistant to change but I'm sad that Ebert & Roeper aren't continuing with their AT THE MOVIES review show. Even though Roger hasn't been on the show for quite some time while recovering from surgery, I still watched Siskel's replacement Richard Roeper and whichever guest reviewer had the unenviable task of subbing for Ebert. I'm trying to stay open minded and will await the new incarnation of the show with Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz. Looks like Disney/ABC is looking toward getting younger viewers, but no mention of the change was seen on the show's webpage today: http://bventertainment.go.com/tv/buenavista/ebertandroeper/
Do I think the two Bens will have what it takes to influence moviegoers? I have my doubts now, but they'll probably do fine. I hope the new show doesn't devolve into clip show, with the hosts serving as mouthpieces for the film studios. Or I hope it isn't going to feature a "smackdown" between various critics instead of a serious review of movies. We already have too many Entertainment Access Extra Insider type shows... please let this not be another one.

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