Friday, July 11, 2008

Ukuleles Rule! Stopped in at a free concert presented by the Japanese American National Museum and Ali Lexa, host of Ukulele Spotlight on KPFK 90.7 FM. The courtyard of the museum was the scene as all ages and ethnicities were lovin' every minute. Comic relief and emcee duties were handled by King Kukulele and he made sure we were smilin' and laughin'. Proceeds from the concession stand (sushi, salads, snacks and even brewskis) helped to support the museum. (I wanna see their new exhibit featuring art by Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. )

What a cool showcase for different styles of music being played on the ukulele! From multi-instrumentalist Brittni Paiva -- dang she's good--and Abe Lagrimas -- flying fingers! Even NY was represented by the group The Moonlighters who brought with them a 20s and 30s jazz/swing vibe.

The last performer, and the one I wanted to hear the most, was Paula Fuga who's starting off a short West Coast July 2008 tour and later joins Jack Johnson on his tour . Her myspace page ( shows pics of her with Jack, Ben Harper and Willie Nelson from Jack's Kokua Fest.

Her voice is so soothing to me! She sang Country Roads (the song she recorded with Johnson) and ended her set with her hit Lilikoi (sour and sweet, like love) Listening to her music was like I was being transported back home. Sigh! I guess I better take my ukulele out of its case and start playing!

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