Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saluting the ‘Vast Wasteland’* It was Emmy Award nominations day today ( However, I refuse to agree wholeheartedly with Newton Minnow’s description of TV*. I found a lot to enjoy this past television year.

So many nominations and so many categories … the Academy favorites this year are:
John Adams with the most nominations—23 in the mini-series category, 30 Rock garnered 17 for the comedy series and Mad Men with 12--with the most drama noms .

My favorite category is Outstanding Comedy Series. 30 Rock’s 17 noms are the most nominations for a comedy in 1 year! The Office (with 8) never fails to make me laugh while also making me cringe at Michael’s idiocy. And I’m glad to see the innovative, funny, visually addictive, sweet (but with some bite) series Pushing Daisies get 11 nominations. The cast is stellar and the premise is a killer!

More and more each year the cable networks are making inroads with Emmy voters with attention grabbing shows like , Damages, The Tudors, In Treatment, etc. While the free TV major networks seem to play it safe, either with cookie cutter comedies, procedural dramas or reality shows.

OK, now that I’ve satisfied my hoity-toity side, let’s lighten up and let me contradict myself and show my plebian side … yay ... nods for my guilty pleasures: Neil Patrick Harris (Have you seen him on Hilarious!) , Lost, NCIS, Project Runway, Top Chef, Grey’s Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, etc. ..

Hmmm… I'm not a TV addict, I'm not a TV addict! -- 'they tried to make me go to TV rehab and I said No, No, No.'

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