Sunday, August 10, 2008

THE PASSWORD IS... TELEPATHY! The CBS game show PASSWORD hosted by Regis Philbin was taping in LA for a few days and in a fit of mild adventure-seeking I decided to attend. I know, you're saying:, "that's not much of an adventure!" Au contraire, mon frere. You try navigating LA traffic, seeking a quick bite to eat so you don't faint in the TV studio, waiting in line during the summertime (anti-perspirant anyone?) and act like a professional game show audience member.

But, if you’re at all the curious sort and up for just about anything, then I say: what the heck, why not? You get a peek at behind-the-scenes professional precision and the occasional screw-up. Plus you get to see one of your favorite celebrities.

I can’t mention any specifics about what happened during the game, because all the audience members had to sign a confidentiality agreement. But since Regis was on the Late, Late Show talking about it, I guess I can at least mention something. The reason I went was to see Craig Ferguson. Or as Regis would say in his “Scottish” accent: Crrrrrrrrrrayg Ferrrrrrrrrrrguson.” But I don't want to have the wrath of the CBS legal department on my behind so all I'll say is -- they were fun, the show is exciting and fun!!

I thought I might have a good chance at winning a prize for audience members, like a T-shirt, tickets to the Laugh Factory or a spa getaway …but no, nothing, nada, bupkiss! Some of the trivia questions thrown at us were for die hard game show viewers. And I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of pop cultural trivia. I groused: "Why didn't they ask something like: what was the name of the pig in Green Acres?" My sister looked at me, her jaw dropped and she said, "OHMYGAWD! I was thinking the same thing!" We just had a sibling mind-meld!

Guess I had an adventure into the twilight zone ...

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