Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This pic is taken from ShakeMovie: Caltech's Near Real Time Simulation of Southern California Seismic Events Portal.

My dog wasn't acting overly crazy pre-quake, but luckily she was asking to go outside for her bathroom break. While walking her, the shaker happened and I didn't feel it...hallelujah! I've had my share of temblors, thank you very much Mother Nature.
I didn't watch too much TV coverage. I understand wanting to cover a story from many angles, but oversaturation and overanalyzation by the news networks can drive you crazy. Just reading the US Geological Survey's synopsis is both puzzling and descriptive: "The moment tensor showed a mixture of thrust and left-lateral strike-slip faulting on a plane striking 43 deg east of north, forming a high angle to both faults."

Things to do list (after the quake of 2008):
  • get anxiety medication, instead of calming my nerves with chocolate
  • make sure I have a disaster plan
  • replenish disaster kit
  • Thank God no one was seriously injured
All I want is a peaceful, easy feeling --- pleeeeez.

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